The Value of an Experienced Attorney

Many people who are involved in legal matters hesitate when it comes to choosing an attorney. “Do I even need a lawyer,” is a common sentiment. And others just go for the cheapest option, as they do not want to pay more than they deem necessary.

But is it wise to penny pinch over the person who can save you money in a civil case or keep you out of jail in a criminal one?


A lawyer who has been around the block a few times can provide the type of expertise that is hard to find elsewhere. It is why so many turn to the lawfather in tampa florida, as they want an attorney who has handled civil and criminal cases in the area for more than a decade.

Knowing the System

Someone who has been at this job for many years knows the system. Attorneys get to know the other side, judges and the way the legal system operates. They can help a client navigate through various minefields to get the best deal. Such knowledge can be the difference between a year in jail or a suspended sentence!

Staying Calm Under Pressure

the lawfather in tampa florida

Court cases can be a high pressure environment. When a client’s life is on the line in a criminal case, there is a lot riding on the opening statement, witness examinations and closing arguments. Lawyers at the top of their game know how to handle those moments with aplomb.

If you were arrested recently or served in a civil lawsuit, it is time to hire an attorney. And it is always a good idea to go with the person who has the most experience and knowledge of the area of the law that your case involves.

It is never a good idea to take risks, such as hiring a cheaper attorney, when it comes to a legal matter